Equity Rescue is a breakthrough transaction and this is your opportunity to learn about it. We will be holding a seminar that will cover how Equity Rescue works and operates and the ways you can participate in the transaction.

We encourage you to read the information on this website before registering. This is a highly unique transaction and no matter what your investing or Real Estate experience is, we can say you've never seen anything like this, ever.

At the Seminar you will learn HOW Equity Rescue does the following for troubled owners:
1)    Immediately cure the foreclosure.
2)    Arrange a full value sale.
3)    Rescue 100% of the property equity.
4)    Become a qualified investor earning income.
5)    Grow the rescued equity for future purchasing power.
6)    Receive 7% simple interest if earning provide it.
7)    Share the of net profit.
8)    Avoid a ten-year credit problem.
9)    Avoid any potential junior lender lawsuit.
10)   Avoid a potential capital gain tax problem.
11)   Gain time to re-establish credit and personal income.
12)  And More...

You will learn HOW and WHY Equity Rescue is such an attractive investment opportunity:
1)    It is a low-risk high-reward investor position.
2)    It is a secured investment ..
3)    It pays a Bonus that is forty-two and a half percent (42.5%) of the amount invested.
4)    Its completion time in California is approximately one year.
5)    It offers a reinvestment opportunity that accelerates and increases the investment reward and timing dramatically.  
6)    It is a very safe, highly rewarding, management free investment with no legal responsibly.
7)    It is a way to invest in foreclosures that is much safer, more rewarding and less risky than the normal methods used today.
9)    It provides substantial collateral on invested capital.
10)  And More...

 At the Seminar you will also learn:
1)    Why every Real Estate professional should know about the opportunities to earn money with Equity Rescue.
2)    Why investing in Equity Rescue is far more attractive than other opportunities..
3)    Ways for you to participate and work with Equity Rescue.
4)    and more

Seminar Information:
Thursday, May 4th, 2017
1440 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Please contact us at (510) 545-7795 to register. Seating is limited.

Equity Rescue of America Corporation
CA BRE License #00473931

Copyright © 2015 Robert L. Evans. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2015 Robert L. Evans. All Rights Reserved.